Honored Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan, one of the beloved students of Uzeir Hacibayli Adila Huseynzade Haji Aga (28.04.1916 – 2005) occupies a special place in the history of Azerbaijani music in the 20th century. She was the first Azerbaijani woman who gained a professional composer education.

Having a beautiful mezzo-soprano A.Huseynzade began her studies at the Azerbaijani State Conservatory’s vocal department, in the class of the legendary Bulbul in 1942. In 1943, her first composition – the song “In Memory” was presented to the judjement of Uzeyir recieving a positive feedback. Afterwards she was admitted to the Maestro’s class on the Composition Department. In 1953 graduated from the faculty of composition A.Huseynzade becomes the first female composer received a diploma of Conservatory.

She has recieved a high acclaim for her vocal miniatures, particularly a romance, written on gazelle of Nizami “Desire of Vaslin” in the interpretation of Bulbul. Composer’s cantatas for choir and orchestra “Beautiful Motherland” (1950, on the lyrics of S. Vurgun), and “The sound of peace” (1953, on the lyrics of T.Mutallibov) for soloists, choir and orchestra were welcomed with great respect. The first symphonic opus written by a female composer – the symphonic poem, dedicated to the hero of labor Basti Bagirova (1951), was one of the most interesting works presented at the Festival “Transcaucasian Spring”. In her piece for choir and soloists “For Arab friends” (1972, on the lyrics of S. Rustam) the composer for the first time enriches the palette of sounds with the timbre of the national musical instrument – tar.
Dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Victory in World War II, the ballad for baritone, female choir and orchestra “My son’s grandfather” (1975, lyrics G.Fazli) differs with patriotic theme of the original lyrical interpretation.
The sonatina for Cello and Piano “Flavor of Spring” (1948) first introduced in 1950 at the Plenum of the Union of Composers is often performed on the chamber concerts. The 4 part String Quartet (1952) is the author’s undoubted success.
However, A.Huseynzade is firstly the master of vocal music. With her deep understanding of vocal art, poetry, Adila played a special role in the formation and development of genres, such as romances.
The series of romances “Feelings” (lyrics by R.Rza and N.Rafibeyli) are rightfully concidered the crown achievement in Azerbaijani chamber-vocal art. It sets a new level of dramatic virtuosity with its astonishing variety of romances, where piano plays an equally respectful role in the ensemble. Adila’s works were performed by renouned masters such as Bulbul, Lutfiyar Imanov, Firangiz Akhmedova, Fidan and Khuraman Kasimovas, Gulaga Mammadov, Shovkat Alekperova, Sona Aslanova, Rahila Jabbarova, Ali Hagverdiev as well as representatives of the young generation of talented vocalists.
In 1953-1986, she taught composition at the musical school named after Bulbul. Among her students were Muslim Magomayev, Sevda Ibrahimova, Firangiz Alizadeh, Elnara Dadashova, Rashid Nasiboglu, Azad Zahid, as well as musicians Zumrud Dadashzade, Lala Huseynova.
A.Huseynzade was also a great vocalist. Among her well remembered performances is the vocal part of Asya in the world famous movie “Arshin mal alan” (1945).
Adila died on the 90th year of life. She was a great composer, a sensitive teacher, bright, intelligent, interesting person, and “a true Azerbaijani lady” Her name will live forever in the hearts of relatives, colleagues and students.